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company news about Container pallet loading skills

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Company News
Container pallet loading skills
Latest company news about Container pallet loading skills

It has accounted for 80% of the total transportation packaging. The two types of packaging containers, container and pallet, are used in more and more developed countries. International composite transportation centered on container transportation, which greatly facilitates the packaging of scattered and general cargo. With the improvement of the overall level of logistics facilities, forklifts, cranes and other mechanical handling, loading and unloading are mostly used for transport packaging to avoid cargo damage caused by manual brutal loading and unloading; forklifts, cranes are mechanized handling, loading and unloading are large-scale and integrated transport packaging containers. Realize the creation of conditions, and the generalization of forklift and crane machinery during handling, loading and unloading also promotes the standardization of large containers and pallets For short-distance transportation and distribution, more than two-thirds of the time is spent on the handling, loading and unloading of scattered goods. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve the handling, loading and unloading efficiency of scattered goods and reduce logistics costs. Therefore, the use of large-scale containers and pallet packaging products is conducive to the realization of civilized handling services, mechanization of handling, standardization of operations and scientific management; at the same time, the use of large-scale or integrated containers and pallets for transportation is also convenient for mechanical forklift handling, loading and unloading, Conducive to shortening handling, loading and unloading time, thereby reducing logistics costs The use of revolving containers to load groceries can be easily stored, stored, and protected from damage by using corrugated boxes and pallets for initial packaging. In addition, when large containers and pallets are used for transshipment, the goods in the boxes do not need to be flipped or replaced during the logistics process. Transshipment as a whole can limit and prevent cargo damage and improve transshipment efficiency In the logistics process, a series of storage operations such as warehousing, acceptance, inventory, stacking, storage, and delivery are omitted, which reduces the requirements of products on the warehouse and makes the management of products in the warehouse easier to achieve. In addition, when using containers and pallets as storage units in the warehouse to store goods, the height of storage stacking can be increased, the storage density can be increased, the utilization rate of warehouse capacity can be improved, and the automation of stacking of high-rise cargo warehouses can be realized, thereby reducing logistics costs. Using containers as storage units in When carrying out processes such as inventory, stacking, and warehouse transfer, mechanical sorting operations can be used to improve the mechanization of cargo sorting. In terms of warehouse management, the use of containers and pallets can neatly stack and manage containers or pallets as a whole. With the increasing variety of containers, such as the emergence of functional containers such as thermal insulation containers and ventilation containers It is possible to manage a large container as a warehouse, it does not need a traditional warehouse.

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