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company news about How to distinguish the quality of plastic pallets

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Company News
How to distinguish the quality of plastic pallets
Latest company news about How to distinguish the quality of plastic pallets

 1. Distinguish on materials

The new material is relatively better, and the recycled material is worse; the quality of the pallet can be distinguished according to the smell of the plastic pallet. The smell of the plastic pallet is largely related to the material it is made of. Of course, there will be some in the process of processing. Certain influence.

Material Description:

1. Thermoplastic: It is divided into crystalline and amorphous. The appearance of crystalline plastic is translucent, milky or opaque. It is transparent only in the film state, and its hardness ranges from soft to horny. Amorphous is generally colorless, fully transparent without additives, hardness from harder than keratinous rubber; softens when heated, easy to melt, and becomes transparent when melted, it can often be drawn from the melt, usually easy to heat seal .

2. Thermosetting plastics: usually contain fillers and are not transparent, if they do not contain fillers, they are transparent; before the material is chemically decomposed, the original hardness will not be softened, and the size will be stable, and it will be carbonized at the decomposition temperature.

3. Elastomer: It has a rubber-like feel and a certain stretch rate; when heated, it does not flow until the chemical decomposition temperature, and the material is decomposed and carbonized at the decomposition temperature.

Second, the color distinction

To some extent, when the same material (HDPE/MPP) is used, brighter colors are better.

3. Distinguish from the structure.

Common plastic pallet structures can be divided into double-sided plastic pallets, Sichuan-shaped plastic pallets, Tian-shaped plastic pallets and nine-foot plastic pallets. Generally speaking, the sturdier the structure, the better the carrying capacity of the pallet, and the better the quality. Generally, the position of the fork inlet is appropriately strengthened, and the angle measurement can withstand a certain drop impact. We think it is a better structure.

Fourth, the material is distinguished

Generally, plastic pallets are made of high-density polyethylene. However, in recent years, in order to meet the needs of different customers in different usage scenarios, impact-resistant co-polypropylene has been recognized by many customers. The material requirements are:

1. It is not corroded by any acid-base magnets, and is not affected by waste and hydrochloric acid

2. It has excellent fire resistance, no spontaneous combustion, no combustion support

3. The thermal conductivity of plastics should be low, and the thermal insulation effect should be 12.50 times better than that of aluminum. It still has good airtightness in cold areas with tens of degrees below zero.

4. The water tightness must comply with the regulations of DIDN8055, the water absorption rate is less than 0.%, and the design must have a rainproof plate and drainage slots to completely isolate rainwater from the outdoors.

5. Distinguish in appearance

The appearance of the new plastic tray:

1. There are no burrs and thorns on the surface of the plastic pallet.

2. The color is uniform, without black spots and impurities.

3. The brightness of the plastic tray is moderate and coordinated.

4. Good toughness and slightly elastic.

5. There is no crack in the corners when stepping on or knocking.

Appearance of plastic tray with plastic filler:

1. Plastic fillers such as talcum powder (white) are much cheaper than brand new raw materials (white). After being added, the surface of the plastic pallet will look brighter. As the saying goes, the brightness is a bit false, abnormal, and reduces production. cost.

2. Many people will mistake this kind of plastic pallet as brand new material, but this kind of plastic pallet has a short service life, and it is difficult to reach the marked load capacity, and it is even inferior to the plastic pallet with part of the recycled material.

Appearance of the recycled material or part of the recycled plastic pallet:

1. Those with darker color, more black spots and impurities participated in part of the recycle.

2. The color is very dark, black spots and many impurities are all processed by reprocessing.

3. There are cracks in the corners when stepping on or beating, and the material is very brittle and inelastic.

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