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company news about Several ways of molding plastic pallets

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Company News
Several ways of molding plastic pallets
Latest company news about Several ways of molding plastic pallets

Plastic pallet is a kind of equipment widely used in logistics industry, which can be used to store, load and carry goods, and is essential in modern logistics and storage. Thanks to a series of advantages such as moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, insect-proof and long service life of plastic pallets, the use of plastic pallets is becoming more and more popular, and plastic pallets can be a good substitute for wooden pallets, which largely reduces the harm caused by the production of wooden pallets to the forest.

Plastic pallets are not only widely used, there are also a variety of molding methods, below, let us learn about its several molding methods.

1, injection molding, this method of producing plastic pallets are divided into two-sided type of integral plastic pallets and double-sided type of assembly plastic pallets of these two kinds. The former is produced in the clamping force of 2500 tons or more injection molding machine, although the production efficiency is higher, better quality, but because the shape of the mold is more complex, resulting in higher costs, so this method is not commonly used. The latter is equivalent to dividing the former into two parts, injecting them with two molds respectively, and then splicing them together. This method reduces the requirement of clamping force, and the shape of the mold is also simplified a lot, accordingly, the cost is also reduced, so it is more widely used.

2、Extrusion molding, this method mainly uses the extruder
This method mainly uses extruders and other equipment to extrude the various parts of plastic pallets and then assemble them. With the emergence of wood-plastic composites (composites of natural plant fibers and waste plastics), this method has become the most cost-effective plastic pallet molding method. The pallets produced from wood-plastic composite materials have both the feeling of wood and the advantages of plastic pallets, and can be planed, sawed and nailed.

3、Vacuum suction molding, using this way to produce plastic pallets are divided into single-sided type and multi-surface type, the former is generally dedicated, mostly used for small motors and other packaging, transportation. The latter are assembled, the lower half of which are large vacuum-absorbing products, and the upper half are either extruded fixed-length, fixed-width plastic sheets, or the same large vacuum-absorbing products. The cost of this way is lower, but the wall thickness of the product is generally not very uniform.

4, extrusion - hollow blow molding, this method is similar to the method of hollow products blow molding, this method produces products are generally larger and double-sided type, so the equipment needed is also larger. The plastic pallets obtained by this method have a long service life and are suitable for high-intensity use, but relatively, the price is also relatively high.


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