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company news about What are all the pallet placements?

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Company News
What are all the pallet placements?
Latest company news about What are all the pallet placements?

There are different ways to place pallets: loose, overlapping, pressed seam, ventilated, planted column, tilted, staggered, vertical and horizontal, rotated and staggered, etc.

What method of pallet placement is chosen?

It depends on the way the goods are packaged, the storage requirements, the size, the load-bearing height, the transport equipment and the storage space and many other reasons.

1、Bulk stacked pallet placement
Loose stacking of goods is a more common way of placing pallets in some enterprises. The goods are stacked directly on the pallet, without neatly arranged, and can be taken as they are used. The goods themselves have a stable centre of gravity and do not need to be transported in a turnover, or the goods are not easily scattered during turnover.
This method has advantages and disadvantages, and is suitable for machinery and equipment, construction sites and other enterprises. It is generally used for stacking slightly heavier products.

If it is light goods stacking, choose plastic baskets, crates more enterprises.

2、Overlapping pallet placement
Overlapping placement, boxed goods and barrels of goods with this way more. The layers of goods are aligned and stacked into a squared whole.
In the case of high stacking height, you need to reinforce the stack into the packaging, so as to avoid the problem of scattering of goods during transportation

3、Press seam pallet placement
Pressed seam pallet placement, the need to stack the upper layer of goods in the middle of the lower layer of goods.

4、Ventilated pallet placement
Ventilated pallet placement method, more suitable for the dry requirements of the higher goods. There are also frozen and refrigerated warehouses, which can help to quickly ventilate and cool down the products.
According to the size of the product packaging, with the size of the pallet, choose the appropriate stacking method, reasonable ventilation.

5、Planting column type pallet placement
This type of pallet is special, it consists of a flat pallet with columns installed on the four corners. When placing the pallet, the goods should not exceed the carrying surface of the pallet.

6、Pitched and tilted pallet placement
Some of the products can be placed on the interlocking pallets, which are more stable and can effectively save stacking space. Like plastic baskets, crates, rails and other products, they can be stacked on top of each other, layer by layer. However, this method is suitable for the transportation process to save space, when unloading, it will be more troublesome.

7, positive and negative staggered pallet placement
This stacking method is more suitable for standard size packaging such as bags and boxes. Plum five stacking method is also positive and negative staggered pallet stacking method.

1.2m*1m pallets are often stacked in this way.

8, vertical and horizontal staggered pallet placement
This stacking method has a certain bite effect, but it does not have the same degree of bite as the staggered stacking. As shown in the diagram below, a layer of all horizontal placement, a layer of all vertical placement.

9、Rotary staggered pallet placement
This way the degree of bite is higher, more test the master's experience. There are gaps in the middle and the carrying surface of the plastic pallet cannot be fully utilised.
Consider the size of the pallet and the size of the stacking needs before stacking, and use it according to the specific situation.

There are many ways of placing pallets, so if you are a novice, you can try more ways of placing pallets according to their size.

When stacking, it is also important to consider the centre of gravity of the goods, the limits of the number of stacking levels, the load bearing capacity of the pallet, the solidity of the stack and other issues.

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