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company news about What are the types of pallets?

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Company News
What are the types of pallets?
Latest company news about What are the types of pallets?

Flat pallets. Flat pallets are almost synonymous with pallets, and whenever pallets are mentioned, they are generally referred to as flat pallets, because they are the most widely used, the largest number of utilized, and the best in versatility.

Column pallet. Column pallet is divided into two types of fixed and removable, its basic structure is the four corners of the pallet with steel columns, the upper end of the column can be connected to the beam, forming a frame type. The main role of the column pallet, one is to use the column to support the weight, to high stacking; the second is to prevent the goods placed on the pallet in the process of transportation and loading and unloading collapse phenomenon.

Box pallet. Box pallet is a pallet with side plates on all sides, some boxes have a top plate, and some do not have a top plate. Box plate has fixed, folded, removable three. There are plate, fence and net type around the fence, therefore, the box pallet with fence around the fence is also called cage pallet or warehouse cage. The box pallet has strong protection ability and can prevent collapsing and cargo damage; it can be loaded with shaped goods that cannot be stacked stably and has a wide range of applications.

Wheeled pallet. Compared with the column pallet and box pallet, the wheeled pallet has more small wheels on the lower part. Therefore, wheeled pallets show the advantages of being able to move a short distance, self-carrying or rolling up and down type of loading and unloading, etc. They are widely used and have strong applicability.

Special purpose pallets. Because of the high efficiency of pallet operation, safety and stability, especially in some occasions requiring rapid operation, highlighting the importance of using pallets, so countries have developed a variety of special pallets, here are just a few examples.


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